Cafeteria of Size 30M x 90M

Complete Steel Building using ISMB 300 x 300 Box for columns, ISMC 450 steel section for Beam and deck Sheet for slab.
Project Cost - 80 Lakhs
Time of Completion- 1 month


Chimneys for generators

( Including all Panelling and Insulation of chimneys) and Steel structure for supporting the Chimney and generators cable.
(Misc. Work)


M.S Tubular round pipe light weight Steel Shed

M.S Tubular round pipe light weight Steel Shed for Repair and Maintenance of JCB Machines and Sheeting of the shed is done with Strong and durable Nylon cloth, So that the shed can be shifted to one place to another.


Bucket Fitment Shed for Fixing Buckets of JCB.

Qty of Steel – 56 Ton
Area – 15m x 35m
Project cost – 50 lakhs
Time of completion – 1 month

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Construction Of Roads And Highways

We are instrumental in offering Construction Of Roads And Highways to the patrons. The construction is done using supreme quality raw material and technically advanced machines. These services are executed by our trained and qualified engineers. They make detailed layout and drawing of roads and highways. We also construct building of bypasses, highways, roads, internal industrial roads. Further, we render stone-paving, dressing with metallic, tiled pathways beautifying with trees, concrete, bituminous, brick tiles, tremix, plants and hedges.